Magnesium Oxide

ATHIELE is the oficial agent of UCM Magnesia in Brazil. Considered the world´s best magnesium oxide due to its high degree of purity, it is used by the largest global heating elements manufacturers such as Watlow, Chromalox and EGO. In 2012, ATHIELE celebrates a 30 year partnership with UCM Magnesia, firming a successful brand consolidation in the brazilian market.

ATHIELE sells the following qualities of magnesium oxide:

UCM 33LST (medium temperature) – used to manufacture screw-plug and flanged immersion heaters to heat liquids, oils and chemical solutions
UCM 5A (high temperature) – used to manufacture finned and regular tubular heaters wich among the many applications are: small home-appliances, comercial and heavy industrial equipments to heat liquids, solids, air and gas. Made of copper, regular and stainless steel
UCM 22SR (super-high temperature) – used to manufacture radiant and cartridge heaters, whose industrial applications include: drying of paintings, lacquers, moisture evaporation, vacuum-forming and many others
UCM 22SR 80 (highest temperature) – top notch, very high purity, indicated for those who seek only the best

ATHIELE sells the following quantities of magnesium oxide:

• 25 to 1000 Kg at promp delivery, available at our store in Cambuci/SP
• Over 1000 Kg through direct import, delivery in 1 week, directly from the customs warehouse
• Quantities over 8000 Kg through direct import from UK


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